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We are tryng something new this year—we will be doing select shows with only our best stuff—our handmades and our new top of our line readers. We have paired up with Shuron, a quality US frame manufacturer (in business since the 1800’s) who has  frames that come in sizes—a bonus for those of you looking for something out of the norm.   They are the iconic frames which Rayban based their famous style on—you’ll recognize them when you see them so please support us in our new point of view.


And also this year after some experience we would like to register our frustrations with opticians and their inability to change lenses. Our readers are just ordinary glasses.  Any optician should be able to change the lenses in them if they want to and want your business. I take each new style and new technique I use  to my optician to see if there is any problem with changing the lenses.  If I tell you they can be changed, they can, I have seen it with my own eyes (and you can too if you look on our  instagram page)  I had a woman tell me that her optician said the lenses in her glasses couldn’t be changed while she was facing my husband who was wearing the very same frame filled with his progressive lenses and she still didn’t believe me! And I am going on the record to say that if an optician turns down doing the work on a pair of our frames it is for one of the following reasons: they don’t have the skills or knowledge (maybe they send it out and have no idea) or they prefer to sell you their own frames for obvious reasons and that goes for any other frames, not just ours.  In that case I would find myself a new optician who has your interests in mind too.


The handmade frames I create are artful, wearable and precise enough to be fitted with prescription lenses by a professional optician like my optician, Lynn McKelvey. She is a licensed optician at Ravine Eye Center  (732.974.1400) in Brick, NJ.  She can change the lens in almost any frame and certainly any one of my frames.


If there should ever be a problem with something we put on our frames such as flower or veneer or tamise, we will gladly fix it for you. If you bring it to a show and we can return it to you there then there is no charge.  If we have to ship it back to you then there is a shipping charge of $5. Please let us know ahead of time if you are going to do this as we need to have the right tools and pieces to do it at a show or else I have to do it from my studio.  But I am all for not making the post office any richer so send me a picture and a heads up.


I have compiled a list of opticians who have either put lenses in our glasses or have been recommended by a customer in all of the states where we do shows: CT, MA, NY, NJ, MD and PA. But know that our readers are ordinary frames in terms of changing lenses—really no big deal. There are two places on this site which bring you to the optician list—the button above the shopping cart picture or the optician page in the navigation bar on the top.


Making eyeglass frames is a big deal when it is really done by hand. That’s why you don’t see anyone else doing it.  Most glasses which are marked handmade are guided by hands but made by machines, mostly computer driven lasers and industrial production machines so the glasses are made in a factory, not a studio.


AND….look for my cool magnifying lens pendants in the shapes of actual flowers, like dahlias, magnolias, primroses, camellias and primulas.  They hold a 70 mm magnifying  lens from my optician so you can see more and better.  Wear them as jewelry on a day out or use them in addition to your glasses, when you need a little extra help.

And please never hesitate to contact us if you need some help—sometimes an address is lost in the shuffle and I am waiting for you to reach out to me…


We  always have new really cool new things—worth “seeing.”  And I am working on a new project which I think you will really like, something creative types like us use—stay tuned…


Here’s how 2017 is starting to shape up so far…

February 24-26:  AMERICAN CRAFT COUNCIL BALTIMORE (retail only)





September 15-17:  FALL LYNDHURST*

July 14-16:  GUILFORD ARTS, CT



December 15-17:  CRAFT BOSTON, MA


  • denotes Shuron readers only at these shows